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2024 trends and challenges for logistics centers

05 January 2024

2024 trends and challenges for logistics centers

«2024 trends and challenges for logistics centers», is the topic proposed by Felipe Quinteros, CEO International Line.

2023 is ending and it is time to take stock. Without a doubt, it was a year of recovery and adaptation for the logistics industry in Chile. Following the challenges presented by the pandemic, we saw significant improvement in operational efficiency and adaptation to new technologies. Digitization and automation have certainly been crucial.

This year also highlighted the importance of resilience and flexibility in supply chains. The ability to quickly adapt to unexpected changes in the global and local market has been a key learning. Added to this are sustainability and green logistics as topics that take more prominence and require greater attention.

On the other hand, it is important to consider that Chile has stood out in the region for its advanced logistics infrastructure and its political and economic stability, which favors a safer business environment for investment in logistics.

This position is due to several factors, including significant investments in port and transportation infrastructure, a solid regulatory framework and a strategic geographical location that facilitates trade with both Asia and North America and Europe.

Chile's position in the Latin American context remains strong, due to its advanced infrastructure and stability, although it faces common challenges in the region in terms of technological integration and adaptation to environmental regulations.

For this reason, by 2024, a greater focus on sustainability is expected, with investments in greener transportation solutions; also in route optimization to reduce the carbon footprint. Digitization will continue to be a dominant trend, with increasing use of technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain to improve transparency and efficiency.

In that context, the challenges of logistics centers point to the integration of new technologies and the need to keep up to date with changing environmental regulations. Meanwhile, supply chain management in a scenario of global economic uncertainty will require strategic planning and adaptation.

In summary, 2023 has been a year of important learning and adaptations for the logistics industry in Chile; and 2024 is emerging as a year of consolidation of trends towards sustainability, digitalization and operational efficiency.

Impact of Chinese New Year 2024 on import coordination: an essential perspective for global companies

07 December 2023

Impact of Chinese New Year 2024 on import coordination: an essential perspective for global companies

The Chinese New Year, a holiday of great significance in China and much of Asia, is also a critical event in the global logistics calendar. In 2024, like every year, the celebration is expected to have a substantial impact on global import operations. This period, characterized by prolonged factory closures and a slowdown in production, affects not only China but all companies that depend on Asian manufacturing and trade.

During Chinese New Year, factories and businesses in China typically close for at least two weeks, although disruptions can last up to a month. This closure results in significant delays in production and the supply chain, impacting importers and exporters around the world.

Chinese New Year 2024 is expected to be particularly challenging, due to growing global demand and the continued recovery of supply chains following previous disruptive events. Companies that rely on Chinese suppliers will need to prepare for longer delays, port congestion and increased competition for sea and air freight space.

Here, some tips to navigate the Chinese New Year 2024 in imports:

Advance planning: Start planning several months in advance. Secure your orders and confirm delivery times well before the festival begins.

Supplier diversification: Consider diversifying your suppliers so as not to depend exclusively on China. Explore other regions and markets to reduce risk.

Inventory Management: Increase your inventory before the holiday to meet demand during closing and delay periods.

Communication with suppliers: maintain constant and clear communication with your Chinese suppliers. Understand its deadlines and restrictions during this period.

Choice of strategic transportation partner: It is one of the most important conditions when choosing which company will be in charge of transporting your products. It must be a company that has the skills and capabilities to visualize, react and communicate in time the unforeseen events to which transportation is subject. Each error entails an associated extra cost that could sometimes leave a significant loss in the acquisition of the merchandise.

Preparing for the post-holiday: Prepare for a backlog of orders and increased production after the Chinese New Year. Coordinate logistics in advance to handle the increased flow of goods.

Finally, it is important to remember that the Chinese New Year Celebration period is the annual festival that celebrates the beginning of the new year in the traditional Chinese calendar. This time it will begin on Sunday, February 12, 2024 and will end on February 26.

Magallanes can be a great opportunity as a trade route

30 November 2023

Magallanes can be a great opportunity as a trade route

When the Panama Canal did not exist, before 1914, Punta Arenas experienced its golden age in maritime transportation. Today, we could be facing a new opportunity for it to be a strategic route, because one of the infrastructures that has had the most impact on the economy is drying up.

Since 2019, as a result of an unprecedented drought, the quota of ships crossing this key link between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans has been cut. It is not a minor issue, considering that almost 6% of world trade circulates there in more than 12 thousand ships that transport cargo to more than 160 countries. This translates into extra costs and delays of approximately 40 days.

Unfortunately, as a consequence of global warming, this is a phenomenon that is also being seen in other places such as Germany and China. Thus, Punta Arenas could once again be an alternative that would bring many benefits to the region and the country.

Indeed, the Strait of Magellan is an important step, but it could take on greater relevance, being an option for cargo that needs to be delivered quickly. It may be a business opening opportunity that should be taken advantage of in time.

That means working today, unifying an ecosystem protection law to respond in time to any contingency; and prepare as a country to be a reference in the world for taking care of our natural ecosystem. In addition, it can be a transversal opportunity for different industries around infrastructure, logistics, sustainability, environmental care, etc.

Now is the time to prepare, because this is not going to get better, it is surely the opposite. Magallanes is an area that must be cared for and promoted, since it is an excellent alternative route in terms of time and resources.